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ROCHELLE BOHATYAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientWe (my husband and I) discovered Salvatore and SB Design Studios about two years ago – this review is long overdue!! We were drawn to his design – clean and simple. We hired Salvatore before we had a property in mind for building a new custom green/energy efficient home. We gave him a pick list of “must-haves” and “would love to have” items and asked him to weigh in (i.e., tell us if the property would meet our needs) on properties we viewed. He even visited properties with us and eventually we found the perfect propriety. This is where Salvatore’s work really began. Turns out our custom home would be a major remodel addition project (really a totally custom new home but with all the challenges of an existing structure). Looking back at our initial meeting I am pretty certain Salvatore was able to integrate everything on our pick list plus some into his design. Salvatore made our dream home a reality. There are so many things to love about our house (open family space, walls of windows, screened porch) but from a design perspective our favorite room is the master bathroom. It feels like a spa with the large wet room with shower and freestanding tub overlooking the Potomac River separate from the rest of the bathroom including a water closet. The stairwell is also phenomenal with several large windows looking out into the green space/yard making the house feel more connected to our natural soundings. Salvatore was also able to seamlessly integrate the design of the existing structure with setback restrictions with the new more modern addition. Salvatore is mindful of his design and listens to his clients to ensure satisfaction. He engaged us throughout the entire design and permitting process. He was very patient with us when we had to make some modifications to lower construction costs. Anytime we needed him he was either a quick text or phone call away. He also made several visits to the property before, during, and after construction. In addition, not only did Salvatore design our home he helped us build the team of amazing people who would get us from the starting blocks to the finish line. Without his recommendations, I would not be typing this review from our new home. Salvatore is thoughtful, honest and extremely kind. In the end, we have an amazing family home thanks to Salvatore and we also made a great friend. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed in selecting Salvatore as your architect.Read More Like (1)May 8, 2017


Barbara NooterAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientWe hired SB Design Studios twice to help design major renovations. One project never got off the ground, but the second is just finishing. Salvatore is easy to work with, and allowed me to be very involved in the design process. He incorporated my ideas about how we live in a house in the design. When we hit that inevitable snag, he worked with the GC on a solution and kept the job moving. If you are looking for a quality design, I recommend SD Design Studios.Read More

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NFTAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientSalvatore did a great job preparing plans for our kitchen/powder room renovation. The project was not overly complicated, but it did involve structural work, which he coordinated with the PE seamlessly. His guidance and advice were always helpful and spot on. He is a creative and talented professional. I was dreading the visit to DCRA to obtain permits. It was made worse by the fact that the day I visited the much lauded “Homeowners Center” was closed! But, with Salvatore’s plans, I was able to get through the traditional permitting process with all the other projects in the city, in just a few hours. The city reviewers had few, if any, questions. It was the smoothest visit to a city regulatory agency I’ve ever experienced and most of that credit goes to Salvatore. A good architect for residential projects of any size, with fair prices, who is responsive and experienced, is not an easy person to find, but Salvatore meets that need and does it superbly. Without reservation, I would recommend him to anyone embarking on a renovation of any size and scope!Read More Like (1)February 26, 2016


Arlington Designer Homes, Inc.Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueSB Design Studios did a great job in designing a Spec. House for us. It is beautiful and sold for full asking price, in a short time! I highly recommend SBDS.

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Koncept Design + BuildAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueI have worked with Salvatore on a numerous amount of design projects over the years. His knowledge and understanding of the industry is thorough and extremely insightful. He has a great eye for detail which comes from his extensive architectural education and previous work experience. His ability to collaborate with others and listen is what makes him stand out from the rest. SB Design Studios works fast and efficiently, producing timeless, high quality products. I would strongly recommend him for any size design product, development opportunity, and/or consultation services. Establishing his firm from strong family values and a true passion for Architecture/Construction/Development/Real Estate gives him a Five Star Rating all around.Read More Like (1)March 9, 2015


Blake DavisAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientSalvatore provided innovative and clean design ideas for my major home renovation project. I appreciate his professionalism and the ideas he brought. I thought I had a great idea of what I wanted but he introduced many new ideas to the project, most of which I adopted. thank you very much BlakeRead More Like (1)September 1, 2014


rickcostaAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueSalvatore is great architect. I highly recommend him. Salvaltore had some great ideas and suggestions for the limited space we had to work with.Like (1)August 18, 2014Last modified:October 17, 2018


kriegersAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientSalvatore did a tremendous job designing our home. We came to him with a project that had a lot of challenges and he did a great job working with us to solve all the issues and worked very well with the county to get our building plans approved. In our very first meeting, he quickly understood our vision and came back to us with a sketch that turned out to be exactly the house we ended up building. One of Salvatore’s very nice qualities is that he has experience on the construction side of projects, so his designs are not just “pie in the sky” type concepts that a builder would have a difficult time actualizing. We didn’t feel comfortable going with a design/build company, so Salvatore drew the designs and we hired a separate contractor to build. Salvatore stayed invested in the project and worked very well with the builder when questions came up. Overall, we would certainly use SB Design Studio’s again and would give him our highest recommendation.Read More Like (1)August 17, 2014


Carsten JensenAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueI have worked with SB Design on several projects, They have always been very professional in the approach to the scope of work on hand. I can highly recommend them for your upcoming project.

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hokiepeAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueSBDS has designed numerous renovations and rebuilds in the Washington DC metro area, and is known to provide fast service, innovative, and efficient designs that breathe fresh life into old homes!Like (1)August 17, 2014


ScottAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipClientI had the pleasure of working with SB Design Studios when I was renovating my house. I hired him early in the process and I was very impressed with his design concepts as well his in-depth knowledge of local building codes, requirements and regulations. The final results of the renovation is a open concept with long sight lines that make my 1880’s row house on Washington DC’s Capital Hill full of light and feel more expansive. I would hire Mr. Benvenga for any future projects without hesitationRead More Like (1)August 6, 2014


Charles JurisAverage rating: 5 out of 5 starsRelationshipColleagueSB Design Studios – “Some can say there as good but none can say they are better”. You cannot go wrong with this team of architects behind your project. Take the time to meet them and you will see why we think so highly of this company.Like (1)August 6, 2014Last modified:March 14, 2017